Putting Measure H to Work

Measure H is expected to generate an estimated $355 million annually for services to combat homelessness. After months of planning, Measure H funding recommendations were developed for the Board of Supervisors  to consider for implementation. On June 13, 2017, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a spending package to deploy more than $1 billion in Measure H funds into local communities over the next three years—a key milestone in the county’s ambitious commitment to combating homelessness. Implementation began on July 1.

As Measure H moves forward, the public is invited to participate in the implementation planning efforts. If you or your agency is interested in participating in the planning for any of the County’s Homeless Initiative strategies to prevent and combat homelessness, please complete the interest form here.

Revenue Planning Process

An open and inclusive process determined how the dedicated Measure H funding should be spent for maximum impact across 21 interconnected Homeless Initiative strategies. The process included five public meetings with diverse stakeholders (which you can explore below), a community webinar, and public comment.