Implementing Measure H

Measure H represents a key component of the County’s Homeless Initiative, an unprecedented collaboration that last year pinpointed 47 strategies to reduce and prevent homelessness. The widely-praised effort involved more than 100 community organizations, 30 cities and an array of County departments and experts. Los Angeles County remains committed to continuing an inclusive community engagement process. Revenue Planning Meetings will be public, consisting of diverse public-private stakeholders to develop funding recommendations for the Board of Supervisors.

Already, through well-targeted spending, the numbers of families and veterans on our streets has dropped significantly. Shelter residents are being given access to permanent housing, services and employment at ever higher levels. Hundreds of individuals are being rapidly rehoused and are on a path to paying their own rent. New County health teams are in the field bringing health and housing to hundreds more.

Measure H will support these innovative and proven strategies by:

  • Generating approximately $355 million annually through a ¼-cent County sales tax to exclusively fund proven ways to reduce and prevent homelessness. These include physical and mental health care, housing services, case management, job counseling and substance abuse treatment.
  • Helping an estimated 45,000 families and individuals move from homelessness to permanent housing in the measure’s first five years—and enabling 30,000 more to avoid becoming homeless. Measure H will directly benefit children, foster youth, seniors, domestic violence survivors, disabled individuals, veterans and other homeless adults.
  • Providing essential services to accompany voter-approved increases in housing being built for homeless families and individuals.
  • Ensuring accountability and effectiveness of expenditures through a Citizens’ Oversight Advisory Board and independent auditor who will issue annual reports.