L.A. County Snapshot

In a March 2017 review of publicly available zoning codes of 88 cities in Los Angeles County, jurisdictions demonstrated mixed results and an overall substantial lack of compliance.

  • 72% of localities surveyed did not clearly and affirmatively treat transitional and supportive housing equally to other residential uses in their zoning codes.
  • For emergency shelters, jurisdictions often placed conditions on shelters beyond what SB 2 allows, or designated inappropriate or unsuitable zones for shelters.
  • Jurisdictions tended to have restrictive maximum bed requirements and parking requirements for shelters.
  • Zoning codes retained illegal proximity restrictions (e.g., requiring shelters to be at least 300 feet from a park or school). 35% of jurisdictions that imposed proximity restrictions did so illegally.
  • For amenities, 58% of those that regulated on the basis of amenities imposed illegal requirements on shelters.