The Action Plan

On February 9, 2016, the Board of Supervisors approved an unprecedented action plan of nearly four dozen interlocking strategies—focusing on six key areas—to combat homelessness. The County engaged stakeholders across the region in confronting this shared humanitarian crisis. More than 100 community groups, 30 cities and an array of County’s leaders joined together to create an ambitious but achievable path forward.

Appreciation Notes

Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative is pleased to share the first edition of Appreciation Notes—expressions of gratitude by our partners that celebrate champions whose acts of inspiration, compassion and determination have helped transform lives and communities. We encourage you to submit your appreciation notes here. The Homeless Initiative will compile and periodically distribute them.

Draft Recommendations and Public Comments

The County’s draft recommended strategies can be viewed here.
The public comments and the Homeless Initiative’s response can be found here.

Presentation Materials