The Power of Help

From opening a new sobering center on Skid Row, to encouraging landlords to rent their empty units to homeless veterans, efforts are underway to help residents find their way home across Los Angeles County.

Collaboration with Faith Organizations

The Homeless Initiative has partnered with LA Voice to provide collaboration, outreach, and technical assistance to faith communities. In addition to individual and group trainings, an online toolkit of resources has been developed for congregations addressing homelessness. The toolkit includes various resources focused on:

  • Advocating for Housing and Housing Rights
  • Contact information for people who can support the work of the faith community
  • Discerning the role that congregations can play to support the homeless services delivery system
  • Obtaining funding
  • Information/fact sheets on specific programs that congregations can support

The toolkit of resources can be accessed here. The Homeless Initiative will continue to strengthen its partnership with the faith community and support their efforts in combatting and preventing homelessness.

C3 Outreach Team in Action

They’re called C3 (County, City, and Community) teams and they’re already having an impact on downtown L.A.’s Skid Row. Now, these multifaceted street outreach teams are expanding westward, to Venice, to share medical care, resources, and hope with homeless residents.