Why it Matters

On street corners and sidewalks, along riverbeds and railways, in small communities and large cities, human suffering is on heartbreaking display. Some of our most vulnerable residents—families, individuals, veterans, youth, and the mentally ill—struggle to emerge from homelessness and rebuild their lives.

In response to the crisis, the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative was created by the Board of Supervisors. Last year, the Board approved 47 strategies that reach across government and community boundaries to forge effective partnerships and get results. County voters on March 7 approved Measure H, which would provide an estimated $355 million for 10 years to fund ongoing services and housing.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, it is a crisis unfolding in plain sight in virtually every corner of Los Angeles County. From Pomona to San Pedro, Echo Park to Eagle Rock, Central L.A. to Westwood, homeless encampments have cropped up in communities well outside Los Angeles’ traditional epicenter of homelessness, downtown’s Skid Row.