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August 2019

Quarterly Report 14 1000 666 admin

Quarterly Report 14

Los Angeles County is in Year Three of a 10-year effort to combat and prevent homelessness funded by Measure H, thanks to the affirmation and support of voters across LA County. We knew when we got started that this complex…

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Family Finds Security 722 744 admin

Family Finds Security

Tajuanna Clay and her young daughter were initially living with a boyfriend, but it was an unstable environment. Over a six-year period, they lived with friends sporadically, but were not housed in a stable manner and found themselves experiencing homelessness.…

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Faced with High Rents, Cori Gets a Fresh Start 696 958 admin

Faced with High Rents, Cori Gets a Fresh Start

Cori Soto (age 53) was homeless for about two years living in secluded areas of Lake Los Angeles. Her work hours, and consequentially her income, were reduced to the point where it was impossible to pay rent and buy food…

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