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Helping Someone Through a Disability 600 541 CVillacorte

Helping Someone Through a Disability

Mr. T, 49, lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic and could not find alternate work because of his disabilities. He had been living with his mother but when he could no longer help pay rent or bills,…

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A Home for Yolanda 600 541 CVillacorte

A Home for Yolanda

Yolanda, 43, lost her son in 2007 and subsequently lost interest in life. She became homeless for five years, surviving domestic violence, turning to alcohol abuse, and battling depression. A LAHSA HOST team connected her to shelter, mental health services,…

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Marta Makes It Home 500 485 CVillacorte

Marta Makes It Home

Marta, 63, was forcibly evicted from her home after her landlord cut her water and electricity and locked her out. Feeling unsafe, she relocated to a motel funded through the Adult Protective Services Home Safe Program, implemented by WDACS and…

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Deciding Her Own Destiny 600 541 CVillacorte

Deciding Her Own Destiny

After leaving an abusive relationship, Destiny, 24, was forced into couch surfing or living in her vehicle. Trauma had made her ambivalent about accepting services. Destiny underwent peer-to-peer counseling and needed a lot of encouragement before agreeing to join the…

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Denise Didn’t Give Up 600 541 CVillacorte

Denise Didn’t Give Up

Denise, 53, is a mother of three and grandmother of eight. In 2020, she was unlawfully evicted and experienced homelessness for one year before reaching out to LA Family Housing, a Measure H-funded  homeless services provider. After some hesitation, Denise…

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The Making of Matt’s New Career 600 541 CVillacorte

The Making of Matt’s New Career

Matt, 50 was living at the Midnight Mission in Skid Row, battling alcoholism, when he was referred to Chrysalis for job readiness services. Chrysalis referred him to the LA:RISE program at the Southeast Los Angeles AJCC (America’s Job Center of…

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A Fresh Start 600 541 CVillacorte

A Fresh Start

Ricardo lost his apartment while incarcerated.  He told the psychiatrist treating his depression in jail that he would be homeless upon his release. The psychiatrist urged him to enroll with First to Serve, Inc., which helped place him in transitional…

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A New Mom Gets the Help She Needs 600 541 admin

A New Mom Gets the Help She Needs

Rayleen is a new mother who applied for paid family leave but did not receive her first check. Her partner then applied to the Employment Development Department (EDD), but their EDD card was stolen, and they could no longer afford…

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A Second Chance for Sand 600 541 admin

A Second Chance for Sand

After over 20 years in prison, Sand was at risk of becoming homeless. He sought various resources and connected with the Rancho Dominguez AJCC (America’s Job Centers of California) who provided him with gas money, other transportation assistance, and job…

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New Pathways for Zachary 600 541 admin

New Pathways for Zachary

The COVID-19 pandemic limited Zachary’s ability to find housing and work when he moved to Los Angeles. He sought support at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and enrolled in the LA: RISE program, successfully completing its 300-hour Culinary Arts Program…

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