Los Angeles County is looking to build on the success of Homekey and seeking co-applicants for a second round of state funding to acquire more hotels and motels and convert them into homes and shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

Q & A

NEW: After issuing a Request for Statement of Interest (RFSI) for Homekey Round 2,  the County received multiple inquiries to which answers have been provided in this Q&A. Please review the Q&A closely before submitting responses to the RFSI.

Several brokers and owners have expressed interest in making the properties they own or represent available to prospective co‐applicants. Learn more by downloading their contact info and reaching out to them directly.

The County plans to begin reviewing responses to the RFSI on November 12, 2021, at 12 p.m.

Since its launch in 2020, Homekey has been the fastest, largest, most cost-effective addition of housing in California history, according to the Governor’s Office.

Homekey Round 1 enabled the County to purchase 10 hotels and motels that are now serving as homes or shelters for about 900 men, women and children considered particularly vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. By mid-2023, each of those units will have been converted into permanent housing with a range of supportive services.

Homekey Round 2 makes $360 million in state funding available to jurisdictions within Los Angeles County.


The County may apply for Homekey Round 2 funding either independently or jointly with a nonprofit or for-profit corporation. Those interested in becoming co-applicants must:

You can also access the forms through the Los Angeles County Solicitations website:


Swipe across the gallery to see photos of the hotels and motels that Los Angeles County, in partnership with the State of California, converted into housing and shelter  for people experiencing homelessness, as part of Homekey Round 1.

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