Measure H-Funded Contracts

FY 2019-20 Measure H Funded Contracts by SPA

Measure H funds 21 Homeless Initiative (HI) strategies; wherever reasonable, the funding is allocated regionally to each Service Planning Area (SPA). For strategies where funding is allocated by SPA, in FY 2019-20, the allocation was determined based on each SPA’s percentage of the 2018 and 2019 homeless count.

Measure H funds for each strategy are administered by one or more lead County agencies (such as LAHSA or the Department of Health Services), who in turn generally contract with community-based organizations and government entities to provide services/rental subsidies, as identified in the following chart. The chart does not include information about any subcontractors providing services under these contract agreements. The funding breakdown in the attached document is for FY 2019-20, and only reflects funding contracted to community-based organizations and government entities, not the total amount allocated for each strategy.

Additionally, funding for the following strategies is utilized countywide, but is not allocated by SPA: (funding amounts are for FY 2019-20)

– Strategy B7 – Interim/Bridge Housing for those Exiting Institutions – $20,711,106

– Strategy C2/C7 – Increase Employment for Homeless Adults by Supporting Social Enterprise / Subsidized Employment for Homeless Adults – $7,875,000

– Strategy D7 – Provide Services and Rental Subsidies for Permanent Supportive Housing – $3,644,500

The list of B7, C2/C7 and D7 contractors is included at the end of the attached chart, along with other contracts that support services in multiple SPAs.

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