Meeting 4: Continuing the dialogue

The Measure H Revenue Planning Group will convene its fourth session on May 4, 2017 at the United Way on the 30th floor. The 50-member team is working through revised funding requests from key County departments and nonprofit partners, and developing recommendations that will go to the Board of Supervisors in June. The agenda is available here.

Key Documents

  • Measure H covers 21 eligible homelessness strategies and will generate about $355 million annually. The latest funding requests under consideration are here.
  • Learn more about components of the strategies and estimates of how many people will be helped. Click here.
  • The public submitted hundreds of comments on the funding requests. Read them here.
  • Members of the Revenue Planning Group also submitted comments. Here they are.
  • Thousands of permanent supportive housing units are in the pipeline. This chart has details.
  • Outreach efforts and housing units would grow over the next three years. Details are here.