• January 24, 2019

L.A. County Makes Increased Investment in Partnership with Cities in Fight Against Homelessness

L.A. County Makes Increased Investment in Partnership with Cities in Fight Against Homelessness

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Building on their regional approach to tackling homelessness, the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative and United Way of Greater Los Angeles announced the award of more than $3.8 million in Measure H funding to bolster the work of cities in implementing city-specific plans to combat and prevent homelessness.  This funding award is a significant next step in strengthening the collaboration between the County and cities in the region, which are united in their commitment to address this complex humanitarian crisis.  This new funding allocation aligns with the County’s partnership with cities to develop innovative solutions to homelessness at the local level. This partnership, which began with city participation in the development of the Homeless Initiative’s strategies in late 2016 and two subsequent city summits, accelerated with the award of planning grants to cities in November 2017 to develop city-focused plans to address homelessness.

In September 2018, L.A. County and United Way of Greater Los Angeles’ Home For Good Funders Collaborative issued a Request for Proposals for city-specific projects in two key areas:  Priority Area 1: to increase the supply of supportive and interim housing for people experiencing homelessness; and Priority Area 2: to enhance the effectiveness of County service systems for those experiencing and/or at-risk of homelessness. 31 cities submitted applications, of which 30 applicants had previously received a Homelessness Planning Grant and submitted a city-specific plan to address homelessness. Some cities submitted more than one application.

More than $3.8 million has been awarded at this time through the RFP process, to fully or partially fund 20 applications:

  • 11 Priority 1 applications have been awarded up to $1,731,700. Projects include feasibility studies around motel conversions, modular housing, ADUs, inclusionary zoning and city-owned sites; property acquisition for interim and permanent housing; and land use planning.
  • 9 Priority 2 applications have been awarded up to $2,005,564. Projects include funds for case managers, housing navigators and homeless coordinators; safe storage and shower services; and employment training programs.

City applicants not funded at this time, as well as most cities whose applications are being partially funded, will have an opportunity to resubmit proposals based on specific guidance and with the support of the County Homeless Initiative and United Way.  A full listing of the RFP submissions and awards is attached.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to ending the homelessness crisis,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Janice Hahn.  “Partnering with our cities to fund local projects that address their unique challenges is going to be key to building lasting change. I am encouraged by how many cities are rising to the challenge and ready to be part of the solution. “

“From Burbank to Culver City to Pomona to West Hollywood, these city planning grants, funded by Measure H, showcase thoughtful private-public partnerships and tangible solutions,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. “As we seek more housing opportunities and service collaborations throughout Los Angeles County, these investments and partnerships will propel our region forward to bring Everyone In!”

“I am extremely proud of the high level of engagement that 5th District cities demonstrated throughout the City Planning Grant process,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “The County will not be able to solve the crisis of homelessness on its own – our cities are integral partners in providing outreach, supportive services, and housing to those in need. I’m eager to see how these localized solutions to combat homelessness will move into implementation and am committed to continue partnering in this work alongside our cities.”

“We know that housing ends homelessness, and cities uniquely hold the key to more or less housing being built,” said Elise Buik, President and CEO, United Way of Greater Los Angeles. “While declarations on ending homelessness are an important step, the proposals submitted here demonstrate a serious commitment to seeing those promises through. We could not be more excited for what’s to come.”

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