Zoning for Shelters, and Transitional and Supportive Housing

California Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) was approved in 2007 with the goal to remove zoning barriers for emergency shelters, and transitional and supportive housing.

In 2017, Los Angeles County counted 58,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night, a 23% increase over the prior year. Yet the housing options that can and do address homelessness too often face opposition and regulatory obstacles, exacerbating homelessness and historic patterns of racial and economic injustices.

The SB 2 Best Practices Guide highlights compliance requirements and best practices for zoning shelter, and transitional and supportive housing to affirmatively advance zoning solutions that help end homelessness in your city.

Why should we care about implementing SB 2 in our jurisdiction?

  • SB 2 compliance is one key step in a comprehensive plan to address homelessness
  • Ensures eligibility for State and Federal grants
  • Helps prevent litigation