• January 31, 2019

A home for Kamesha and her son

A home for Kamesha and her son

A home for Kamesha and her son 1024 512 admin

Kamesha Christopher had been homeless for 2 years. She is a 45-year old single mother with an 11-year old son. Kamesha lost her job one day and with no safety net, she could no longer afford to pay rent.

Luckily, Kamesha was on the Los Angeles County Section 8 waiting list, and because she was homeless, received a Housing Choice Voucher.

The Homeless Incentive Program (HIP) was able to step in and provide Kamesha with housing listings through their housing navigation services staff. In addition, HIP also provided Kamesha with financial assistance for a security deposit. With HIP’s assistance, Kamesha was able to find a unit in her desire area of Lakewood, California.

On September 5, 2018, Kamesha leased and moved into her new home.

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