• August 22, 2018

Calvin Alford: a vet who sought help

Calvin Alford: a vet who sought help

Calvin Alford: a vet who sought help 1024 512 admin

Calvin Alford is an Army Veteran from the 11th Bravo Infantry. His experience with homelessness began in December 2017 due to an unfortunate chain of events while living with family members. While homeless, he lived in the Los Angeles, Lancaster and Palmdale areas and spent five months on the streets.

Calvin faced major obstacles in locating a unit, including finding landlords willing to accept his credit. The Housing Incentive Program (HIP) Housing Advisor team in Palmdale helped Calvin search for, and secure, a home that was safe and comfortable enough to have his daughter visit regularly. HIP also helped Calvin pay for move-in fees and furnish his new home.

Calvin is thankful for HIP in assisting him find a home. It has taken a heavy load off his shoulders, allowing him to focus on other important issues, such as addressing health problems and searching for a job.

“As vets, we aren’t too strong to ask for help,” said Alford. “The help is there for us; let’s use every resource we have to make our situation better.”

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