• August 22, 2018

Measure H helps vet find security

Measure H helps vet find security

Measure H helps vet find security 1024 513 admin

Mr. Davis stayed at West Side Vets in Inglewood for seven years after declining health issues forced him and his family into homelessness. He faced three challenges; finding property owners who would accept Section 8 vouchers, owners who requested a credit score of 640 and his own sense of profound rejection. Case managers at West Side Vets helped Mr. Davis obtain a Section 8 voucher, visited him monthly to check on his well-being and helped secure housing for him and his family. This was largely due to the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles Homeless Incentive Program providing the owner with a $2,467 holding fee.

“My experience working with Mr. Rodriguez and the housing advisor team was truly a blessing. I couldn’t have done it without these organizations. It’s an awesome feeling to have these Individuals have so much love in what they do. They help veterans like me get through these difficult times to secure housing.”

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