With Homeless Initiative strategies and Measure H fundingLos Angeles County departments and agencies contract with more than  100 community-based nonprofit organizations to provide services to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their homes.

Wherever reasonable, the Homeless Initiative allocates Measure H funding regionally to each Service Planning Area, based on their percentage of the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count. Some Measure H funding is utilized countywide, rather than by Service Planning Area,. These include funding for permanent supportive housing and interim/bridge housing for those exiting institutions such as hospitals, jails and foster care; and job training and employment services.

Throughout Los Angeles County’s eight Service Planning Areas, from the Antelope Valley to the South Bay, these Measure H-funded service providers are on the frontlines of helping their unhoused neighbors get a roof over their heads and a range of services to help them get back on their feet.

Antelope Valley

Service Planning Area 1

San Fernando Valley

Service Planning Area 2

San Gabriel Valley

Service Planning Area 3

Metro LA

Service Planning Area 4

West LA

Service Planning Area 5

South LA

Service Planning Area 6

East LA

Service Planning Area 7

South Bay

Service Planning Area 8

Countywide Service Providers


Permanent Supportive Housing Providers


Job Search and Training Providers


Map of Service Planning Areas


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