With Homeless Initiative strategies and Measure H fundingLos Angeles County departments and agencies contract with about 200 community-based nonprofit organizations to provide services to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of losing their home.

Wherever reasonable, the Homeless Initiative allocates Measure H funding regionally to each Service Planning Area, based on their percentage of the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.

Some Measure H funding is utilized countywide, rather than by Service Planning Area. These include funding for permanent supportive housing and interim/bridge housing for those exiting institutions such as hospitals, jails and foster care, and job training and employment services.

Throughout Los Angeles County’s eight Service Planning Areas, from the Antelope Valley to the South Bay, these Measure H-funded service providers are on the frontlines of helping their unhoused neighbors get a roof over their heads and a range of services to help them get back on their feet.

Antelope Valley

Service Planning Area 1

San Fernando Valley

Service Planning Area 2

San Gabriel Valley

Service Planning Area 3

Metro LA

Service Planning Area 4

West LA

Service Planning Area 5

South LA

Service Planning Area 6

East LA

Service Planning Area 7

South Bay

Service Planning Area 8

Countywide Service Providers


Permanent Supportive Housing Providers


Job Search and Training Providers


Map of Service Planning Areas


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