Interim Housing provides safe temporary accommodations for people who otherwise have nowhere to spend the night. These may be  congregate or non-congregate settings, and some serve specific populations, such as men, women, families, seniors, youth emancipating from foster care, adults discharged from hospitals or exiting jails, domestic violence survivors, and people needing health care, mental health care, and/or substance use disorder treatment.

The County Departments of Health Services (DHS), Mental Health Services (DMH), and Public Health – Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (DPH-SAPC), as well as the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), together administer about 5,000 Measure H-funded interim housing beds. These account for one in five interim housing beds countywide, as LAHSA’s 2021 Housing Inventory Count found the LA region’s shelter capacity on any given night is 24,616 beds, a 57% increase over three years.

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