The Homeless Initiative is seeking to work hand-in-hand with faith-based organizations (FBOs) to serve people experiencing homelessness, as they have time-honored tradition of service to people in need, providing compassion, charitable donations, safe haven, and more.

On March 9, 2023, the Faith Collaborative to End Homelessness (FCEH), comprised of faith-based organizations, County departments and agencies, and elected offices, hosted a Faith Summit, part of the process of developing a strategic plan for continued collaboration.

During the summit, attendees heard details about the results of a survey conducted by LA County and Communities in Motion to better understand the support and services that faith communities currently provide to people experiencing homelessness or living in poverty, and to gauge their interest in expanding these efforts.

Attendees also heard recommendations made to the Board of Supervisors following the survey, and have an opportunity to provide feedback. These conversations are intended to strengthen the voice of, advocate for, and elevate the work of the Los Angeles faith community working to end homelessness in LA County.

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