• July 26, 2023

Homekey:  Dunamis House Making the Grade

Homekey:  Dunamis House Making the Grade

Homekey:  Dunamis House Making the Grade 150 150 Marlon Baker

The stories of young people who once were at risk of homelessness and now benefitting from a recently opened Homekey housing complex continue to pour in.

The Los Angeles Times recent feature on the Dunamis House in Boyle Heights captures the importance of providing supportive housing for young adults seeking to further their education and embark on careers that provide long-term stability and independence.

Dunamis is a partnership between Los Angeles County and the nonprofit Los Angeles Room and Board.  Among more than a dozen Homekey projects funded through state grants and Measure H funds, Dunamis addresses a critical issue of thousands of college-age youth who are homeless or at risk of being homeless in California.

Dunamis is one of three facilities operated by Los Angeles Room and Road to provide secure housing and support for college students who previously were living in their cars, at friend’s homes or out on the streets.

Now, because they no longer are worried about where they will sleep or get their next meal, these young adults are on their way to earning degrees, completing certificates and some are on their way to law school or earning a master’s degree.

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