• April 15, 2024

Vaccines on the Go

Vaccines on the Go

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The Los Angeles Department of Public Health launched its Mobile Vaccine and Testing Team (MVT) to ensure all individuals, especially vulnerable populations like people experiencing homelessness, have access to vaccines, free of charge.

Launched in 2021 when COVID-19 vaccines became available, MVT services have since expanded to include:

  • additional vaccines; including flu, mpox, MMR and others
  • testing services for communicable diseases, including COVID-19, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections, and
  • harm reduction services, which include distribution of Narcan and Fentanyl test strips.

DPH sends its nurses, health educators, and community health workers to staff pop-up clinics in the community to engage with clients, offer services, and educate for preventative care or treatment, especially to those experiencing homelessness. No health insurance is required, and no immigration questions are asked.

To host a vaccine clinic and for more information, visit: http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/chs/mobilevaccineclinic/

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