• July 12, 2022

Restorative Care Village is Taking Shape

Restorative Care Village is Taking Shape

Restorative Care Village is Taking Shape 150 150 CVillacorte

Phase 1 of the LAC+USC Medical Center Restorative Care Village is now complete, a $68.5 million investment that will provide an innovative, healing environment for Los Angeles County residents.

“It is the first step in realizing my larger vision that focuses on creating a Healthy Village in and around the LAC+USC Medical Center campus, providing residents with access to a world-class integrated health delivery system, combined with development opportunities that promote economic prosperity, health, and infrastructure for the betterment of our community,” Supervisor Hilda Solis said.

The Restorative Care Village will provide access to a full continuum of clinical care and supportive services on one campus—including recuperative and respite housing, mental health care, substance use disorder treatment, and other transitional and support services to enable patients to heal and safely reintegrate into the community.

Central to this work has been the community’s contribution to the design and development of community benefits such as exceeding the required 30% local and 10% targeted worker hire goals for the project to achieve closer to 50% made possible in collaboration with the Health Innovation Community Partnership.

The project includes the Recuperative Care Center (RCC), one building yielding 96 beds, and Residential Treatment Programs (RTP), four buildings yielding 64 beds. The RCC will provide clinically enriched interim housing with on-site nursing support, health oversight, case management, and connection to permanent housing to serve those who have been discharged from County health facilities and facing unstable housing conditions.

The RTP will include intensive treatment programs for individuals being discharged from County hospital psychiatric emergency services, inpatient psychiatric units, and mental health urgent care centers.

The LAC+USC Restorative Care Village will consist of two inter-connected hubs, the Acute Care Hub and Wellness Hub, built in 3 phases. The complete build-out of the 3 phases will provide the full spectrum of care, allowing escalation and de-escalation as suits the patient’s current clinical and psychological conditions ─ patients to be discharged from LAC+USC Medical Center, but who lack a safe place to recover will be able to claim one of the RCC beds.

This continuum of services allows individuals to more easily receive the appropriate level of care, and it will reduce morbidity and cost while restoring function and dignity for these individuals. It will also enable and support community reintegration for people with mental health disorders, victims of violence and abuse, substance use, serious disabilities, and psychosocial and economic challenges, and ultimately, for patients experiencing homelessness and their families – investing in ‘Care First, Jail Last’.

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