• October 4, 2023

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans

Resources for Veterans 150 150 CVillacorte

A new Veteran Peer Access Network (VPAN) site has opened in Palmdale, providing much-needed resources to one of the largest veteran populations in the region.

Led by veterans for veterans, VPAN helps veterans navigate often complicated systems so they can receive the services they deserve. It prioritizes hiring veterans as “battle buddies” and systems navigators to connect their brothers and sisters in need with resources that will help.

Resources available include:

  • Mental Health– Treatment for trauma from combat exposure, military sexual trauma, relationship and intimacy issues
  • Substance MisuseSupport – Treatment for substance use disorders, including misuse of alcohol, prescription medication and other drugs
  • Housing– Temporary and permanent housing for veterans and their families, help locating housing
  • Workforce Development and Employment – Help with developing interview skills, resume creation, job coaching, plus volunteer and job opportunities
  • Healthcare– Enrollment into VA healthcare, transportation to appointments, ensuring access to prescription medications
  • Education – Support with school enrollment, vocational training, tuition assistance
  • Miscellaneous– Food, childcare, transportation, financial assistance and more
  • Legal Services– Help with eviction prevention, discharge upgrade, applying for VA benefits, etc.
  • Social Connection/Recreation– Opportunities to connect with other veterans in a variety of settings

To connect with VPAN, call the Veteran Support Lineat (800) 854-7771, *3 (9 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week), or email the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health at veterans@dmh.lacounty.gov

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