Criminal record clearance gives rise to peer supporter

Kristopher is diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, anxiety, and anger management issues and has misdemeanors and a violent felony on his record. To obtain employment, he needed help to expunge his criminal record.

Kristopher was connected to case management and a variety of supportive services through Mental Health America (MHA) – Los Angeles, Brilliant Corners, Asian Pacific Islander Family Mental Health Center and Neighborhood Legal Services. He is housed in North Long Beach in a two-bedroom unit with a roommate, and is receiving rental assistance. He has been able to get his misdemeanors expunged and is working on getting a certificate of rehabilitation for his felony. With the support of his case management team, Kristopher is managing his mental health and sobriety and is ready to start the mental health program at Cerritos College. He is currently working as a Part-Time Recovery Peer Supporter for Service Planning Area (SPA) 8 with certification from Project Return Support Network.

Kristopher has developed support groups for individuals experiencing homelessness at the MHA Wellness Center and MHA Village, where he helps individuals cope with barriers and navigate community resources. He wants to continue giving back to the community of Long Beach through his employment, helping others the way he is being helped.