• August 22, 2018

Christine Knowles’ journey

Christine Knowles’ journey

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After Christine Knowles’ mother passed away, her sister took over the estate, changed her lease agreement, and ultimately displaced her from her home. Being involved in an Unlawful Detainer court action hurt Christine’s finances, her credit, and ultimately her spirit to fight for herself. She became homeless living on the streets for six months.

She found shelter at Union Station Homeless Services’ Euclid Villa Transitional Housing for two years and was able to save 70% of her income. Beyond Shelter referred Christine to the Continuum of Care Program. Despite receiving a Section 8 certificate, she had a difficult time finding units where landlords accepted the voucher. When she started working with a Homeless Incentive Program (HIP) Housing Advisor, she began to regain her drive, dedication and patience to keep searching for housing despite the long process. Her patience and persistence paid off when, finally, she was accepted for an apartment. HIP provided Christine with a security deposit, and her dream of having her own place to call home came true.

“It only takes one ‘yes’,” said Knowles. “Even though 50 have said ‘no’, I only need one ‘yes’.”

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