• October 21, 2023

Family Gets New Home After House Fire

Family Gets New Home After House Fire

Family Gets New Home After House Fire 150 150 admin

A recently housed family sits on the porch of their new home.

Paula, a 55-year-old Native American single mother, and her three children, lost their home in a fire caused by a faulty outlet earlier this year.

She had become unemployed shortly before the fire, and homelessness took a toll on the entire family. Paula felt depressed and overwhelmed and her children also struggled suffered anxiety and other ailments.

She was able to get help with diapers and other necessities for her foster child through the Cambodian Association of America (CAA). SBCC helped the family with hotel stays and groceries until they were able to get into a shelter operated by Harbor Interfaith.

Working together, SBCC and Harbor Interfaith helped the family secure an apartment. Paula said the family now feels at peace.

“I thank God for SBCC for their help, support, guidance, and advocacy. If it were not for them, I will still be homeless,” Paula said. “I felt so lost and overwhelmed by the fire and how difficult it was to get housing, but SBCC kept cheering me on, pushing me not to give up. Thank you.”

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