Success Stories

On the Road to Stability 1024 923 CVillacorte

On the Road to Stability

When the company where Antonio had worked for several years closed its doors, he found himself at risk of homelessness without a consistent source of income. He struggled to find employment that covered basic expenses and recognized that a different…

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From Incarceration to Independence 1024 923 CVillacorte

From Incarceration to Independence

Saul, 25, was living with his parents when a family disagreement landed him in jail. With nowhere to go after his release and no support network to lean on, he fell into homelessness. Saul was referred to Home At Last…

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Giving Back 600 541 CVillacorte

Giving Back

Candice was studying to become a registered nurse when circumstances led to her experiencing homelessness. She endured many hardships while living on the streets, surviving domestic violence and gang violence. When Los Angeles County conducted its first RV-focused Pathway Home…

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A Brighter Future for Robert 1024 923 CVillacorte

A Brighter Future for Robert

Robert, 41, and his family were receiving housing support through the Shallow Subsidy program when he unexpectedly lost his job. Around this time, his partner gave birth to the couple’s second child, which put additional financial strain on the family.…

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Meet Miles 1024 923 CVillacorte

Meet Miles

  Miles, 33, spent much of his childhood moving from place to place as the son of parents in the military. Amid problems at home, he found himself in foster care and, at age 24, began experiencing homelessness. He was…

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A Better Life is Waiting 600 541 CVillacorte

A Better Life is Waiting

Young, 59, became homeless following a string of devastating events that derailed his life. He lost several loved ones and sustained life-altering injuries in a traumatic car accident, which led him to become addicted to prescription drugs. From that point,…

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Jasmine is Back on Track 600 541 CVillacorte

Jasmine is Back on Track

Jasmine experienced homelessness on and off after exiting the foster care system when she turned 18. After years of constant stress over where she was going to sleep each night, she began researching programs to help find housing. Through her…

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Overcoming Substance Use Disorder 600 541 CVillacorte

Overcoming Substance Use Disorder

Mitch, a 40-year-old father originally from American Samoa, fell into homelessness after grappling with the devastating effects of methamphetamine addiction. His journey eventually brought him to Los Angeles, where his addiction made it impossible for him to maintain consistent employment…

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Justin’s Journey 600 541 CVillacorte

Justin’s Journey

After Justin, 39, spiraled into severe substance use disorder, his life began to fall into disarray. For years, he was in and out of jail and struggled to maintain relationships with friends and family. Unable to retain consistent employment and…

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Breaking Barriers 600 541 CVillacorte

Breaking Barriers

After he was released from jail, Jesus, 41, faced significant barriers to securing employment. This, coupled with a lack of support from his family, made it difficult for him to regain his footing as he transitioned back into society. Eventually,…

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