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A Veteran Comes Home 600 541 CVillacorte

A Veteran Comes Home

After years of experiencing homelessness in an encampment dubbed The Dead End, military veteran Robert Gaines moved into his apartment at a VA facility in North Hills, just days before Veterans Day. Robert was among the first to benefit from Los…

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Pathway Home Program Lives Up To Its Name 600 541 CVillacorte

Pathway Home Program Lives Up To Its Name

Los Angeles County’s encampment resolution program, Pathway Home, has housed its first client: Dawn Toftee, who had been homeless for 19 years. Dawn and her beloved dog, Fatty, moved into their own apartment just eight weeks after Pathway Home brought…

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Veteran Steps Up in Support 600 541 admin

Veteran Steps Up in Support After serving three tours of duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army, Alberto, 37, returned home only to battle homelessness for nearly 10 years. He had found it extremely difficult to navigate civilian life, resources, and benefits but said…

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A recently housed family sits on the porch of their new home.
Family Gets New Home After House Fire 600 541 admin

Family Gets New Home After House Fire

Paula, a 55-year-old Native American single mother, and her three children, lost their home in a fire caused by a faulty outlet earlier this year. She had become unemployed shortly before the fire, and homelessness took a toll on the…

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Yvette gives a thumbs up with her case worker.
Making Her Way in the World Again 600 541 admin

Making Her Way in the World Again

After losing her job of 28 years at the VA Long Beach, Yvette, 62, lived in her car and in shelters in Santa Ana, Bell, and Whittier for about 10 years. After being hospitalized in Whittier and later Compton, she…

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Christopher holds up a motivational sign in his new apartment.
Christopher Stays Positive 600 541 admin

Christopher Stays Positive

Christopher, 48, moved in with his mother and sister in 2017 after serving time in prison. Unfortunately, his sister passed away a few months later. As Christopher and his mother were not on his sister’s lease, they became homeless. Without…

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Victor holds up his house keys in his new apartment.
Victor is at Home and at Peace 600 541 admin

Victor is at Home and at Peace

Victor, 55, was on the verge of falling into homelessness. He was living in a converted garage that wasn’t suitable as a home, and his landlord wanted a year of back rent and a long-term lease. The DHS Housing for…

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Berit smiles for the camera.
A Mother Overcomes Tragedy 600 541 admin

A Mother Overcomes Tragedy

Berit, 41, spiraled into addiction after the traumatic death of a child in the early 2000s, and experienced chronic homelessness. She went into Social Model Recovery Systems (SMRS)’ Royal Palms residential substance use disorder treatment facility and later its Sabina…

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Yolanda and Her Kids Have a Home 600 541 CVillacorte

Yolanda and Her Kids Have a Home

Every parent can relate – we all want a better future for our children. Yolanda was scared that being homeless would mean her children would be taken away, but LAHSA wanted a better future for her children too, and its…

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Stacie Finds a Home 600 541 CVillacorte

Stacie Finds a Home Stacie has found a home after 23 years of homelessness and LAHSA couldn’t be happier to be a part of her journey. Share this story if you felt inspired

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