• May 22, 2024

A Brighter Future for Robert

A Brighter Future for Robert

A Brighter Future for Robert 150 150 CVillacorte

Robert, 41, and his family were receiving housing support through the Shallow Subsidy program when he unexpectedly lost his job. Around this time, his partner gave birth to the couple’s second child, which put additional financial strain on the family. Without a steady source of income to supplement their Shallow Subsidy, the family quickly became rent-burdened and had to rely on the subsidy to make monthly payments.

Robert immediately began researching and applying for affordable housing programs. He and his family eventually connected with a case manager at The Salvation Army, where they began receiving comprehensive case management and regular check-ins to support their search for affordable housing. Eventually, Robert and his family were accepted into an affordable housing program and moved into their new home in 2023., Robert has achieved his goal of securing long-term housing subsidies to support housing stability for him and his family. No longer rent-burdened, he now has leftover income each month to put into savings. He and his partner look forward to watching their children grow up in their new home.

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