• February 19, 2020

Support to Find Stability

Support to Find Stability

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A message from Director of Personnel Lisa M. Garrett

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Andrea Ketchens is known by her coworkers for her warm smile and encouraging attitude.

I know her as one of our engaging and passionate Los Angeles County employees who just needed a little support to find stability for her and her family.

Andrea is one of more than 62 employees who have found permanent work in the County as part of the Temporary Services Registry Program, known as TempLA.

The TempLA program provides on-the-job training, paid work experience and professional development resources for residents facing barriers to employment, which can include lack of work experience or justice-involvement. The goal of this temporary employment program is to provide participants with the tools they need to obtain permanent work with L.A. County or the private sector, return to school, or take the next stage in their professional career. Among the people we aim to help are LA County residents who are, or have, experienced homelessness.

Andrea and her family experienced homelessness for about two years — couch surfing and spending time in motels and other temporary places.

She needed a stable job and an opportunity to gain experience. That’s where TempLA comes in.

Andrea joined TempLA in 2017 and her first assignment was an office support assistant for the Department of Public Works. She worked there until last November when she was offered a permanent job in the Department of Public Social Services as an intermediate clerk.
With the permanent job, Andrea says she’s found stability, a place to call home and is giving back to the residents of L.A. County.

We know that job training, career development and being provided with an opportunity can be life changing. We have seen that time and again with Andrea and the other participants of the TempLA program.

Thanks to you…

… People have participated in the TempLA program to date. They’ve gained valuable work experience, earned a paycheck and served their communities.

People helping people

Andrea Ketchens now works for the Department of Public Social Services’ El Monte office where she performs clerical duties. Andrea started the full-time job in November after successfully participating in TempLA.

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