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August 2021

A Survivor Receives Support 354 420 admin

A Survivor Receives Support

Fleeing domestic violence, Kristen White slept in her car for two years at Hawaiian Gardens before LAHSA’s HET street outreach teams placed her into Project Roomkey. To avoid triggering her past substance use, she transferred to a shelter in Bellflower…

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Vouchers Allow Father and Son to Stay by Each Other’s Side 368 408 admin

Vouchers Allow Father and Son to Stay by Each Other’s Side

Army vet Robert Rangel, 78 and his son, Trino, 47, have always been by each other’s side. After living in motels for a decade, they were running out of money. With support from the Homeless Initiative, Volunteers of America Los…

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From Jail to a Bachelor’s Program 354 390 admin

From Jail to a Bachelor’s Program

David Barclay became eligible for early parole after nearly 20 years of incarceration but lacked confidence about finding employment. The Homeless Initiative-backed LA:RISE program at WDACS, in partnership with the Southeast LA AJCC and Center for Employment Opportunities, helped him…

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To Serving Others 348 414 admin

To Serving Others

Armida Garcia, 44, did not believe she could ever get a job because of her criminal record. After enrolling with WDACS’ Alternative Staffing Organizations program, supported by the Homeless Initiative, she was able to find work at Goodwill and receive…

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Veteran Finds His Way to and Accessible Home 360 388 admin

Veteran Finds His Way to and Accessible Home

Disabled military veteran Victor Schermerhorn, 63, lost his Lancaster apartment after new owners raised the rent. With LACDA implementing the Homeless Initiative strategy of facilitating federal housing subsidies, he received a rental voucher from the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)…

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Jason has the Keys to a New Life 600 541 admin

Jason has the Keys to a New Life

Jason is now no longer living on the streets. He has the keys to his own home at Vista Del Puerto. Vistas del Puerto received funding from the Los Angeles County Development Authority and Department of Health Services, among other…

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Quarterly Report 20 612 792 admin

Quarterly Report 20

The Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative’s 20th Quarterly Report spans all four quarters of FY 2020-2021. It includes updates on Measure H-funded strategies, including homelessness prevention, street outreach, supportive services and employment, interim housing, and permanent housing. It also includes…

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A home of her own: Shannon 600 541 admin

A home of her own: Shannon

After years of experiencing homelessness, Shannon now has a home of her own. Vistas del Puerto provides  47 affordable apartments for households earning between 30 and 50 percent of the area median income, plus one manager’s apartment. Half of the…

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