• November 9, 2018

L.A. County Engages Tech Industry in the Fight Against Homelessness

L.A. County Engages Tech Industry in the Fight Against Homelessness

L.A. County Engages Tech Industry in the Fight Against Homelessness 1024 682 admin

The Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office/Homeless Initiative and the Chief Information Office have launched a new initiative to enlist the technology industry in the Countywide effort to prevent and combat homelessness.  In a bold move to harness the resources and expertise of tech companies and foster more strategic investment in the sector, L.A. County issued a call for solutions with the potential to creatively accelerate outcomes for people experiencing homelessness.  A broad industry representation, including large data and tech companies, civic tech, start-ups, digital services, virtual reality firms and academia, have already signaled their strong interest in partnering on this critical effort, with upwards of 150 participants convened at a recent County-hosted technology innovation forum on homelessness.

The Countywide movement is seeking diverse partners and new approaches to deliver what’s working more effectively and to foster inspired thinking and sustainable solutions around housing, data, customer empowerment and operational effectiveness.   Submissions are due mid-November.

“As L.A. County continues to work to prevent and combat homelessness, we are always working to expand collaborative efforts with new partners who are willing and able to help,” said Supervisor Hilda L. Solis. “Homelessness is a complex and multi-faceted problem, and partners in the technology industry offer uniquely valuable expertise. L.A. County is leaving no stone unturned, no option unexplored, in the fight to ensure everyone has a home.”

“Los Angeles County is partnering with technology companies to harness skills, ideas and innovation that will accelerate and scale up solutions to house people experiencing homelessness,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas who championed Measure H. “This is Measure H at work – creating thoughtful and inventive ways to help our most vulnerable residents so that we can create communities with dignity and purpose for all who call Los Angeles home.”

“Combating a homelessness crisis of this magnitude will require that we create partnerships across many sectors,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger. “Working with stakeholders in the technology sector enables public partners to innovate more quickly and measure their success more effectively.”

“The Homeless Innovation Technology Initiative marries tech talent with the real challenges surrounding homelessness in L.A. County. The tech community is coming together to create tangible innovative solutions,” said Bill Kehoe, Los Angeles County Chief Information Officer.

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