• August 29, 2023

A Mother Overcomes Tragedy

A Mother Overcomes Tragedy

A Mother Overcomes Tragedy 150 150 admin

Berit smiles for the camera.

Berit, 41, spiraled into addiction after the traumatic death of a child in the early 2000s, and experienced chronic homelessness.

She went into Social Model Recovery Systems (SMRS)’ Royal Palms residential substance use disorder treatment facility and later its Sabina Home Recovery Bridge Housing. She also sought care through the Pasadena Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (PCADD).

Berit learned invaluable coping skills through individual counseling and group therapy while residing in a safe and sober structured living environment and has since moved into stable housing in the community and while remaining enrolled in intensive outpatient treatment.

She is now off probation, has a new career as a driver for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and is looking forward to having full custody of her remaining child, a toddler daughter.

“I feel like you all really cared about me,” Berit said. “You guys make a difference in people’s lives. I truly appreciate you.”

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