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Home and Heart in Hawthorne 600 541 CVillacorte

Home and Heart in Hawthorne

Hawthorne is the latest city to partner with Los Angeles County to provide a Pathway Home for its unsheltered residents. For Brian Chase, Marcel Gipson and Raymond Rubalcaba, this means getting a fresh lease on life after years of living…

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A Veteran Comes Home 600 541 CVillacorte

A Veteran Comes Home

After years of experiencing homelessness in an encampment dubbed The Dead End, military veteran Robert Gaines moved into his apartment at a VA facility in North Hills, just days before Veterans Day. Robert was among the first to benefit from Los…

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Predictive Analytics to Prevent Homelessness 600 541 CVillacorte

Predictive Analytics to Prevent Homelessness

The Homelessness Prevention Unit, a partnership of Los Angele County Department of Health Services – Housing for Health (DHS HFH) and UCLA’s California Policy Lab, uses a predictive analytics tool to identify people on the brink of becoming homeless based…

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CARE Court in LA County 600 541 CVillacorte

CARE Court in LA County

The Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment program, better known as CARE Court, launched in Los Angeles County on Dec. 1, 2023. Under this state-funded program, qualified individuals – such as a family member, spouse, roommate, emergency responder, or licensed medical…

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A Pathway Home Thanksgiving 600 541 CVillacorte

A Pathway Home Thanksgiving Twenty people who used to survive by living in RVs in an unincorporated part of South Los Angeles Gardena each moved into their own apartment just in time for Thanksgiving, with help from LA County’s Pathway Home program. Their…

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Pathway Home Returns to Gardena 600 541 CVillacorte

Pathway Home Returns to Gardena

Los Angeles County’s Pathway Home latest encampment resolution in East Gardena helped 72 people living in RVs, or recreational vehicles, move into interim housing while efforts to place them in permanent housing continue. They brough with their pets – 25…

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Homekey for Youth and Young Adults 600 541 CVillacorte

Homekey for Youth and Young Adults

A new Homekey project has opened in El Monte to serve youth and young adults, including many transitioning out of the foster care system. “This site will serve a population that needs as much support as possible – young people,”…

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Incentives for Landlords 600 541 CVillacorte

Incentives for Landlords

Property owners are crucial in the fight to end homelessness and the Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) is offering them a host of incentives to open their doors to people in need. Click to sign up or get more…

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LA’s Newest Homekey 3.0 Projects 600 541 CVillacorte

LA’s Newest Homekey 3.0 Projects

The Nest at Exhibition project. Los Angeles County’s latest round of Homekey 3.0 grants will create 113 apartments for people experiencing homelessness, including youth and young adults, in Exposition Park, Hollywood and Lancaster. The State of California announced a combined…

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Temporary Cap on Rent Increases 600 541 CVillacorte

Temporary Cap on Rent Increases

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors set a temporary cap on rent increases of 4% for tenants in unincorporated Los Angeles County communities who reside in housing subject to the County’s Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections Ordinance (RSTPO). The…

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