• May 11, 2023

Quarterly Report 26

Quarterly Report 26

Quarterly Report 26 150 150 CVillacorte

This 26th Quarterly Report marks the Board of Supervisors declaring a State of Emergency on homelessness as well as updates on ongoing efforts to implement the Homeless Initiative’s New Framework to Address Homelessness, with a particular focus on the Homeless Rehousing System.

The report captures data starting from July 1, 2017, when Measure H funding first became available, through December 31, 2022, the most recent quarter for which data is available.

The report also tracks progress from July 1, 2022December 31, 2022, representing the completed quarters of the current fiscal year (FY) 2022-23.

Since Measure H revenue began funding Homeless Initiative strategies, the County’s Homeless Rehousing System has provided permanent housing to 90,455 people and interim housing to 123,842 people.

These include 34,881 permanent housing placements (39%) and 65,328 interim housing placements (52.5%) funded completely or partially with Measure H.

Click here to read the complete Quarterly Report #26.

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