• February 4, 2019

The Hernandez family embraces a new home

The Hernandez family embraces a new home

The Hernandez family embraces a new home 1024 512 admin

Elizabeth Hernandez is a single mother of four children. Not having a stable job affected her finances and ability to obtain daycare for her children, factors that put her at risk of being homeless.

Elizabeth battles with stress and anxiety when things do not seem to be working out.  The greatest challenges she faced were locating a suitable housing unit for herself and her family in a desirable area and a lack of income to pay a security deposit and application fees.

She received supportive services through Los Angeles Family Housing and with their assistance, ultimately obtained a Section 8 voucher.   Additionally, she utilized the housing locator services provided through CDC/HACoLA’s Homeless Incentive Program (HIP).

Elizabeth was very pleased with the efficiency of the staff, the personal assistance she received and the availability of units through the HIP program.   She leased an apartment in June 2018.  Elizabeth is encouraged by her new stable housing and cited, “My children and I are blessed to be in a safe, wonderful, new environment!”

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