• February 4, 2019

Single mom gains a new lease on life

Single mom gains a new lease on life

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Dorothy Cove is a single mother of three. She applied for CalWORKs after losing her job. Her kids had just been returned to her from foster care and she needed help.

She had been living in a shelter in the City of Bell. When she came to Greater Avenues for Independence, she had very little work experience, so the program referred her to Job Club, until they discovered that she was homeless. It was decided that the Transitional Subsidized Employment Program (E-TSE) was going to be a better fit for her situation and she was referred into the program so that she could start earning money and gaining work experience.

Through the program, Dorothy learned a great deal about working at a community-based organization. She is currently on her fifth month of subsidized placement and looks forward to landing unsubsidized employment after her subsidized employment assignment is complete. Dorothy states that her life has completely changed for the better. She is ecstatic because she recently bought her own car and is also getting ready to move into her new apartment. “The E-TSE program rocks!”

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