• October 20, 2023

Christopher Stays Positive

Christopher Stays Positive

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Christopher holds up a motivational sign in his new apartment.

Christopher, 48, moved in with his mother and sister in 2017 after serving time in prison.

Unfortunately, his sister passed away a few months later. As Christopher and his mother were not on his sister’s lease, they became homeless. Without stable housing, his mother’s health declined, and she passed away as well, in 2018.

Christopher was able to stay at a shelter in Whittier in 2020, which referred him to a case manager with St. Joseph’s Center who helped him secure a rental voucher.

With no credit, steady income or housing references, Christopher struggled to find a unit until an LACDA housing advisor stepped in to help.

Christopher is now living in his own home and hopes to find a job or attend trade school. “I will tell all individuals that are going through the same situation not to give up, stay positive, use all the resources that are out there,” he said.

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