• October 20, 2023

Victor is at Home and at Peace

Victor is at Home and at Peace

Victor is at Home and at Peace 150 150 admin

Victor holds up his house keys in his new apartment.Victor, 55, was on the verge of falling into homelessness. He was living in a converted garage that wasn’t suitable as a home, and his landlord wanted a year of back rent and a long-term lease.

The DHS Housing for Health’s Homeless Prevention Unit (HPU) team stepped in, providing Victor with rental assistance to avoid eviction and keep his housing until something more appropriate became available.

HPU connected Victor to Enki Mental Health, where he was able to reestablish regular visits with a psychiatrist and start medications. HPU also connected Victor to DHS’ Countywide Benefits Entitlement Services Team (CBEST), which helped him access benefits that he was eligible for, regardless of immigration status.

Finally, HPU worked with the nonprofit homeless services provider, The People Concern, to place Victor into a permanent supportive housing (PSH) unit.

“I feel great!” he said through a translator. “You guys truly changed my life. I’m very grateful and happy. I would never have expected so much. I have a home where I’m at peace now, and I thank God and all of you for it.”

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