• March 13, 2024

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers

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After he was released from jail, Jesus, 41, faced significant barriers to securing employment. This, coupled with a lack of support from his family, made it difficult for him to regain his footing as he transitioned back into society. Eventually, he was referred to LA:RISE through the halfway house where he currently resides.

Through LA:RISE, he enrolled in a transitional subsidized employment training program to develop the marketable skills he will need to navigate the job market and secure employment on his own. Jesus worked closely with a case manager to hone new skills, such as how to use a cell phone and navigate his email, and set employment goals.

Jesus set a long-term goal to become a truck driver and is currently working on the first step: obtaining his driver’s license. Thanks to LA:RISE, Jesus has gained confidence, learned invaluable commitment skills, and become inspired to achieve more with his life. 

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