• January 31, 2020

Outreaching with human kindness

Outreaching with human kindness

Outreaching with human kindness 600 302 admin

A message from Housing for Health’s street-based engagement leadership team

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There are more than 500 street-based outreach workers mobilized in Los Angeles County. Each day, they make an impact in our homeless neighbors’ lives.

It can be simple — a pleasant conversation that offers an unhoused person a moment of dignity and humanity.

It can also be life changing.

The story of Calvert Tillett and Sean Romin, an outreach case manager with our partner The People Concern, will show you how. We’ll let them tell you their story in the video linked below. What you’ll see is that the human-to-human connection is critical as we combat homelessness in Los Angeles County — focusing on ending homelessness one person at a time.

Having someone in your corner makes all the difference. Our outreach workers build relationships with those who are experiencing homelessness and often provide health, mental health and substance abuse services directly on the streets. They work to make sure their important documents, such as a valid ID, are obtained and maintained. They accompany individuals they are serving to important appointments, including those with their doctors. They help people find and get into housing. Outreach workers exemplify human kindness, compassion and dedication to those in need.

It isn’t an easy job. Every day they witness the harsh realities of the homelessness crisis on the streets. And they face challenges. Individuals they are serving may have long ago lost hope and may need time before they are ready to again trust and move forward. Needed housing resources may not yet be readily available. Regardless, outreach teams walk side by side with each unhoused individual they are serving on the streets, sharing in each personal journey towards coming inside.

Their dedication to our communities and the people in greatest need is inspiring to all of us at Housing for Health. Please watch the video below. Sean and Calvert will show you.

Thanks to you…

… people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County have come into direct contact with an outreach worker since July 2017.

People helping people

VIDEO: Never underestimate the power of music to bring people together—and the power of help and human connection to change lives. After 13 years living on the streets, Calvert Tillett has found the way home, forming a special bond with his case manager.

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