• May 5, 2022

Entering a New Phase with Homekey

Entering a New Phase with Homekey

Entering a New Phase with Homekey 150 150 admin

LA County is Converting More Hotels and Motels Being Converted into Housing

Homekey is an innovative partnership between Los Angeles County and the State of California to purchase and rehabilitate properties, including hotels and motels, and convert them into housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Since its launch in 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom has called Homekey the “fastest, largest, most cost-effective addition of permanent housing in California history.”

Los Angeles County leveraged the first round of Homekey funding from the State to purchase 10 hotels and motels with a combined total of about 750 units, and is in the process of seeking partners to convert several of the properties into permanent housing with supportive services.

The County is applying for the second round of Homekey funding to purchase additional properties for conversion into either interim or permanent housing.

Go to our Homekey page to learn more.

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