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More Outreach Teams on Metro Transit System 600 541 CVillacorte

More Outreach Teams on Metro Transit System

Metro is doubling the number of outreach teams in its transit systems who help connect people experiencing homelessness to services, support and housing, significantly expanding a program that started five years ago. KCBS/KCAL joined one of those teams consisting of…

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Bradley Benefits from Section 8 600 541 CVillacorte

Bradley Benefits from Section 8

Bradley experienced homelessness for six years, most recently sleeping in an encampment by the Lennox Library. A Measure H-funded LAHSA Homeless Engagement Team (HET) helped her get  financial assistance from St. Margret’s Center, move into a Section 8 rental unit…

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Homekey: The Woodlands Welcomes Families 600 541 CVillacorte

Homekey: The Woodlands Welcomes Families

Hope the Mission and Los Angeles County partnered to transform a former motel into interim housing for families. The Woodlands Family Shelter is part of Homekey 2.0, a program of the California State Housing Community Development Department that aims to…

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Huntington Square 600 541 CVillacorte

Huntington Square

Construction is under way on Huntington Square, an affordable and supportive apartment community for low-income seniors and formerly homeless senior veterans, including people experiencing chronic homelessness and those living with a mental health disability. “Huntington Square is not only providing…

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Quarterly Report 26 612 792 CVillacorte

Quarterly Report 26

This 26th Quarterly Report marks the Board of Supervisors declaring a State of Emergency on homelessness as well as updates on ongoing efforts to implement the Homeless Initiative’s New Framework to Address Homelessness, with a particular focus on the Homeless…

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Sunny Garden Apartments 600 541 CVillacorte

Sunny Garden Apartments

Take a tour of Sunny Gardens Apartments, an affordable housing community for seniors with limited means. It had been at risk of being converted to market rate but a collaborative effort that included a $1 million investment from the Los…

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Operation Stay Safe 600 541 CVillacorte

Operation Stay Safe

After four years of living on the streets, Denise, 66, moved into a tiny home at Operation Stay Safe in Montebello, which also provided her with meals, case management, transportation, housing navigation, and other services. Within a matter of months,…

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Brenda Pays It Forward 600 541 CVillacorte

Brenda Pays It Forward

Brenda journeyed from addiction to sobriety, and from homelessness to housing, after becoming the mother of a child with severe disabilities. Now, she is paying it forward, working with the nonprofit Hope the Mission (formerly Hope of the Valley) to…

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L.A. Care and Health Net Invest $114M to Fight Homelessness 588 508 CVillacorte

L.A. Care and Health Net Invest $114M to Fight Homelessness

L.A. Care Health Plan and Health Net are investing $114 million over multiple years to help address the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County. Earlier this year, the county Board of Supervisors officially declared a state of emergency to expedite resources to support the…

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Homekey Motel to Become 7th Avenue Village 600 541 CVillacorte

Homekey Motel to Become 7th Avenue Village

One of first motels acquired by Los Angeles County through the Homekey program is about to be transformed into 7th Avenue Village at Hacienda Heights, a long-term apartment housing complex with intensive supportive services for formerly unhoused individuals. Housing Works…

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